Saf-T-Pak® STP-310 Category A Frozen Insulated Shipping System

  • Ideal for use with Saf-T-Temp™ products or Dry ice for thermal control.
  • Thermal Performance Data Sheets available upon request.
  • Category B / Empty Package Conversion Panel for maximum value.
Approximate Capacity*:

Max. Secondary Pressure Receptacle(s) (STP-710): 3
Max. 2mL Tubes: 243
Max. 10mL Tubes: 32
Max. 14mL Tubes: 32
Max. 50mL Centrifuge Tubes: 8
Max. 500mL Blood Bag(s): 2
Max. 90mL Petri Dishes: 3

Option with STP-730 Secondary Pressure Receptacle:

Max. Secondary Pressure Receptacle(s) (STP-730): 3
Max. 2mL Tubes: 72
Max. 10mL Tubes: 36

Important Information

Capacities listed above for Category A Shipping Systems are for approximation only.

Units listed above represent the approximate total capacities per shipping system.

Multiple Secondary Pressure Receptacles may be required to achieve the unit counts listed below.

Quantities listed for Category A systems are based on quantities used during package performance testing.

For detailed information regarding the specific primary receptacles tested with each shipping system, please refer to the Certificate of Registration, which is available upon request.